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The Portland Hospital is the only independent hospital in the UK dedicated to the care of women and children. Working with outstanding consultants in paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology has enabled us to develop a leading hospital with an integrated healthcare approach.  All our consultants are experts in their field and have gone through a rigorous selection process to gain practising privileges at The Portland Hospital.  To search for a consultant please use the search facility below or contact us to discuss your needs so that we can advise you on an appropriate specialist.

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Children's Services

Professor George Du Toit
Professor George Du ToitConsultant Paediatric AllergistChildren's Services


Professor David Dunaway
Professor David DunawayConsultant Plastic SurgeonChildren's Services

Plastic Surgery

Mr Simon Eccles
Mr Simon EcclesConsultant Plastic SurgeonChildren's Services

Plastic Surgery

Dr Muftah Eltumi
Dr Muftah EltumiConsultant Paediatric GastroenterologistChildren's Services


Dr Swee Fang
Dr Swee FangConsultant Paediatrician and NeonatologistChildren's Services

Neonatal Medicine, General Paediatrics

Mr George Fayad
Mr George FayadConsultant Paediatric ENT SurgeonChildren's Services

Ear Nose and Throat

Dr Adam Fox
Dr Adam FoxConsultant Paediatric AllergistChildren's Services


Dr Mark Furman
Dr Mark FurmanConsultant Paediatric GastroenterologistChildren's Services


Dr W John Fysh
Dr W John FyshConsultant PaediatricianChildren's Services

General Paediatrics

Mr Lorenzo Garagnani
Mr Lorenzo GaragnaniConsultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist SurgeonChildren's Services

Hand Surgery, Orthopaedics

Mr Massimo Garriboli
Mr Massimo GarriboliConsultant Paediatric UrologistChildren's Services


Mr David Gault
Mr David GaultConsultant Plastic SurgeonChildren's Services

Plastic Surgery

Dr Karolina Gholam
Dr Karolina GholamConsultant Paediatric DermatologistChildren's Services


Dr Alessandro Giardini
Dr Alessandro GiardiniConsultant Paediatric CardiologistChildren's Services


Mr Stefano Giuliani
Mr Stefano GiulianiConsultant Neonatal and Paediatric SurgeonChildren's Services

General Surgery, Neonatal Surgery

Dr Vasantha Gowda
Dr Vasantha GowdaConsultant Paediatric NeurologistChildren's Services


Dr Atul Gupta
Dr Atul GuptaConsultant Respiratory Paediatrician Children's Services

Respiratory, Chest Medicine

Mr Chinmay Gupte
Mr Chinmay GupteConsultant Knee Trauma SurgeonChildren's Services


Dr Parvis Habibi
Dr Parvis HabibiConsultant in Paediatric Intensive Care, Sleep & Respiratory MedicineChildren's Services


Mr Piet Haers
Mr Piet HaersConsultant Oral, Maxillofacial and Cleft SurgeonChildren's Services

Oral and Maxillofacial

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