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Am I eligible for midwife-led care

At The Portland Hospital there is an eligibility criteria for booking patient’s care under the Midwifery Led Team and each woman will be risk assessed throughout the antenatal period, labour and birth and referred to their named Midwife Led Delivery (MLD) consultant should risk factors develop during any of these stages.

The following criterion has been developed with reference to nationally agreed NICE guidelines to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

Who can book with MLD?

  • Singleton pregnancy
  • Aged between 18-39 years
  • Can be Group B Strep Positive and receive IV Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Cephalic presentation
  • BMI between 18.0-30.0
  • Women with a maximum of 4 previous babies
  • Women with an uncomplicated current and previous pregnancy/ies
  • Gestation no greater than 32 weeks at booking for overseas patients
  • Gestation no greater than 36 weeks at booking for NHS patients with complete records of full AN care
  • Primary well controlled Hypothyroidism accepted

One or more of the following criterion means that the woman’s case will be discussed within a Multi-Disciplinary Team approach prior to joining the MLD Service: 

  • IVF pregnancy
  • BMI at booking of 30-35
  • Anaemia – haemoglobin 85–105 g/litre in pregnancy
  • Previous stillbirth/neonatal death with a known non-recurrent cause
  • History of previous baby more than 4.5 kg with no previous shoulder dystocia or complex perineal trauma
  • Fibroids
  • Cardiac Disease without any intrapartum implications reported by a Cardiologist in obstetrics
  • Gynaecological surgery
  • Atypical antibodies not putting the baby at risk of haemolytic disease
  • Sickle-cell trait
  • Thalassaemia trait
  • Hepatitis B/C with normal liver function tests

Please note that the conditions listed above are not exhaustive and eligibility for the midwife-led care package is at the discretion of the midwife-led team to ensure the wellbeing of mother and baby.

For further information please contact our Maternity Services Advisor on 020 7390 6068.

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