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We believe it is important to offer mothers-to-be choice and control of their birthing care and delivery. The Portland Hospital offers both consultant-led and midwife-led care.

Consultant-led care

Consultant-led care is for mothers-to-be who prefer to be looked after by a consultant obstetrician throughout their pregnancy whether it is low risk or high risk.

Our team of more than 70 consultant obstetricians are all independent practitioners who have undergone a rigorous process of assessment to gain admitting privileges to our hospital.

Your chosen obstetrician will advise on all aspects of your antenatal and obstetric care. They will also arrange your hospital booking for the delivery of your baby and offer an informed choice on all types of birth from normal deliveries through to caesarean sections.

Some mothers-to-be discover late in their pregnancy that they require a medical caesarean section, which depending on your policy may be covered by your healthcare insurance. All our consultant obstetricians accept late bookings.

Parents-to-be who are booked under the care of a consultant obstetrician will also attend the midwifery-booking clinic: a pre-assessment clinic which offers you the chance to meet a member of the hospital midwifery team before the birth to discuss your personal needs. Our midwifery team will give you advice on nutrition, health and well-being throughout your pregnancy, as well as discuss your plans for delivery at the hospital. A midwife will provide 1:1 care throughout your delivery and assist the consultant obstetrician. They will also care for you whilst you remain in the hospital post-delivery and provide invaluable support with feeding your new baby.

Simple steps to booking consultant-led care

Midwife-led care

Midwife-led care is available to mothers-to-be who are expecting an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth.

An experienced named consultant obstetrician is also available to offer support if necessary. We have a team of highly experienced, friendly and committed midwives who have the time and resources to empower women to create and follow their birth plan, whatever their choice - be it a natural birth or a water birth.

Our complete midwife-led package can be accessed at 10, 20 or 30 weeks and includes all antenatal appointments, ultrasound scans, routinely-required blood tests, midwife-led birth and the first 24 hours stay from admission to hospital is included in the package.

Within the package we also uniquely include one consultation with a dedicated consultant obstetrician who will meet with you to ensure that your pregnancy is proceeding as expected. In the unlikely event that complications arise during your pregnancy and you no longer meet the criteria for the midwife led care you will be offered and guided the option of consultant led care. If during your labour or birth an obstetrician is required, your named consultant will immediately become involved to ensure the safe delivery of baby and your wellbeing.

Our midwives are available 24 hours a day for advice throughout your pregnancy and when the time comes for your baby to be born you will be guided through labour and birth by a member of the MLD team. 

A full range of pain relief options is available including epidural by our resident consultant obstetric anaesthetist.

Following birth, you will be cared for in a private room by a midwife who will be on hand to provide you with invaluable support and advice.

Simple steps to booking Midwife-led care

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