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The Portland hospital

Our facilities

We care for you and your baby in an environment that is designed to feel as close to home as possible.

Our facilities include:

Our consultant obstetricians, resident consultant obstetric anaesthetists, consultant neonatologists and resident medical officers for obstetrics and neonatal care are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our delivery rooms are furnished to a high standard and fully equipped to provide a comfortable and safe environment. All our postnatal rooms have a bedside cot for your baby, ensuite bathroom, televisions, telephones, air conditioning and wifi.

All rooms can accommodate a partner to stay.

24 hour room service is available with a varied choice of high quality and nutritious meals and our catering team can cater for most dietary needs.    

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and strict infection control measures are followed by staff at all times. We also pay vigorous attention to the safety and security of our patients and staff. There is CCTV and electronic security swipe cards are worn by staff and doctors. There are strict visitor identification and ward entry procedures.

All babies have an electronic tagged bracelet applied from the time they are born which is removed at the time of discharge.


Our 24 hour nursery is on the same floor as the postnatal rooms and is run by experienced nursery nurses who work closely with our midwives.

Should you wish to rest for any period, your baby can be looked after in the nursery and be brought back to you when you feel more rested or if your baby needs a feed.

We encourage you to have your baby in your room throughout your stay, which is known as “rooming in”. This involves caring for your baby in your room with the support of our midwives and nursery nurses who are there for you when you need support and advice. ‘Rooming in’ promotes bonding and breastfeeding and will help increase your confidence for when you go home.

Our nursery nurses and midwives are also available to give you practical lessons on how to care for your baby including changing nappies and bathing.

Only parents are allowed to enter the nursery if their baby is in there. No other visitors are permitted.

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