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Payment Enquiries

Settling your Account

There are a number of ways to pay for treatment at The Portland Hospital, but the main ones are:

  • Through private or company supported medical insurance scheme
  • Funding your own treatment through a self pay package
  • Sponsorship through a third party (subject to a letter of guarantee) and an agreed deposit.

Insured Patients

The Portland Hospital has direct settlement arrangements for in-patient treatment with all major UK-based insurance companies. Prior to admission it is essential that you contact your insurers to confirm that your policy has a level of cover adequate to meet the cost of your treatment.

If your insurance company provide you with a claim form it must be completed and signed by your Consultant (or in some cases GP) who will enter details of your treatment. Without this completed claim form your insurance company will not authorise us to deal with them directly. If the claim form has not already been submitted to your insurer you should bring it with you when you are admitted. If your claim has not been pre-authorised prior to admission you will be regarded as a self paying patient and the appropriate deposit will be required. If by the date of discharge your cover has not been confirmed you will be billed as a self pay patient. You will need to settle the hospital charges and reclaim from your insurers.

If you are not covered by a UK-based medical insurer you should check your policy prior to treatment, as you may be required initially to pay your account personally and then claim back from your insurer.

Please note that medical insurance is a contract between the member/patient and the insurance company therefore settlement of the account remains the patient's responsibility. Our admissions staff are available to discuss any concerns and provide individual assistance in completing your admissions paperwork.

Uninsured Patients

All patients are required to pay a deposit prior to the expected date of admission. The amount will be held on account as part payment for hospital charges. (Without prior agreement consultants' or anaesthetists' fees are not included.)

You can pay the required amount by cash, cheque (allowing 15 working days clearance), debit/credit card or traveller's cheque.

In order to assist the self paying patient, we are able to offer packaged procedure costs. The packages are normally paid prior to admission. Unless previous agreements are in place, consultant charges fall outside the package quoted and are normally settled directly with them.

Prices can only be quoted by the admissions department and must be put in writing to you. Provision of an email address is always appreciated.

Your costs will be estimated as accurately as possible by your consultant. Any difference between the final costs and the estimated amount received on admission may be resolved before departure. This may mean that an additional deposit will be required during your stay. Any necessary refunds will be collected in the same method in which the initial payment was made.

If you have any queries about the cost of your treatment please contact the Finance Department on 020 7390 6032.

Letters of Guarantee

If you are a sponsored patient it is essential that you provide a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) from your embassy or sponsoring organisation prior to your admission. The letter is authorisation for payment for the total cost of your treatment. However, in the event of non-payment by a sponsor or shortfall on the account, please be advised patients are liable for settlement accordingly. A receipt will be issued for your treatment so that you can forward it to your sponsor for reimbursement.

International Patients

Our Embassy Liaison Manager is available to assist in the admission of international patients referred to the hospital from an overseas embassy. Contact 020 7390 6035.

All Inpatients

Costs for any extras such as telephone calls, additional newspapers (The Times is free of charge), visitors' meals etc, will be invoiced to you and payment collected when you leave the hospital. In order to assist in this process you will be asked to sign a credit card mandate on admission. The HCA Registration Guide, available to all patients, contains details of the hospital's general terms and conditions.


It should be noted that in the event that your consultant suggests that a test or procedure is required these are charged in addition to the Outpatient Consultation Fee. The costs of the test or procedure can be confirmed with our Finance Department on 020 7390 6032.

Outpatients are required to pay on attendance. For those patients insured with UK companies, invoices can be sent to the insurance company, provided that the cost of treatment on a single visit is £250 or above, and that the pre-authorisation number and membership details are given to the registration department at the time of the appointment.

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