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Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Portland Hospital’s ASD Assessment Service offers support for children and their families who are looking for an autism diagnosis. An assessment may lead to an explanation for the difficulties your child is experiencing and provide information to plan for the most appropriate care, education and support.

The initial assessment at The Portland Hospital involves a neurodevelopmental consultation with one of our consultant paediatricians who specialises in the diagnosis and management of children with developmental difficulties and disabilities.

If the consultant paediatrician suspects a diagnosis of autism, your child will be referred for a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, and play (or imaginative use of materials) using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) test. This test will involve your consultant paediatrician and our multidisciplinary team which may include psychologists, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.

Following the assessment, you will have an appointment with your consultant paediatrician who will provide formal feedback and a plan of care.


  • Initial developmental consultation: £450 approx.
  • ASD Assessment (on referral): £1500

Please note that most insurance companies will not cover the cost of the ASD assessment and therefore the prices above are for self-pay only

How to make an appointment

To make an initial appointment for a neurodevelopmental consultation please call our Children’s Enquiry Line on 020 7390 8020.

The consultant paediatricians available for this service include:

Other consultant paediatricians who are available for ASD assessments include:

About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

Symptoms of ASD are often present between one and three years of age. While developmental evaluation may take place before two years of age, a definitive diagnosis may be made at a later stage.

It's estimated that more than 1 in every 100 people in the UK have ASD with a higher proportion of males diagnosed with the condition than females.

There's no "cure" for ASD. However speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, educational support and a number of other interventions are available to help support both children and parents.

In children, an early diagnosis allows developmental interventions to have the greatest impact.

For further information about ASD please visit The National Autistic Society’s website or call the Autism Helpline on 0808 800 4104.

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