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Acute Neurological Rehabilitation

The Portland Hospital’s Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit for Children and young people is the only dedicated paediatric acute neurorehabilitation centre in the UK with on-site intensive care and diagnostic technologies. The unit itself is a newly refurbished purpose built centre to meet the needs of this specialist service.

The rehabilitation programmes are tailored to manage a variety of acquired and developmental neurological conditions from traumatic brain injury to encephalitis, tumour to developmental delay.

Why Choose The Portland Hospital Rehabilitation Unit?

The unit’s location within The Portland Hospital enables us to commence rehabilitation programmes early on, as we have rapid access to a wide variety of specialists, diagnostic equipment and the support of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Where appropriate this means that we can commence the programme whilst the child is still on PICU and support their transition onto the rehabilitation unit.

Our world class specialist consultants work alongside a skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, play therapists, tutors and dietitians. They work together with the patient, their family and consultants to provide a coordinated and holistic programme of care.

Working alongside The Wellington Hospital Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit enables HCA International to extend its world renowned rehabilitation services to those under 18 years of age.

Family Centred Care

Our philosophy is to involve family and carers in every aspect of the rehabilitation programme from the start, and we ensure that the child’s family is involved in planning the programmes, setting goals and joining in with nursing and therapy sessions.

We commit to having regular meetings with the family and team to provide support and to review progress.

Treatment Programme and Goals

Each treatment programme is designed to suit the needs and age of the child and will consist of a variety of therapies and educational support to improve physical, functional, social and educational gains. All programmes aim to engage the child in their programme, to challenge them and maximise recovery through one-to-one and group sessions throughout the day.


Being located within The Portland Hospital gives access to a large number of experienced specialists and diagnostics equipment to support the programme. In addition we have:

• Sensory motor gym – to stimulate and encourage imagination and play.

• Sensory room – which enhances children’s senses, helping a child to focus or relax and also used to ease anxiety before an operation.

• Playroom - offers a number of activities for children during their stay at the hospital with dedicated play specialists.

• Hydrotherapy – we have access to an off site hydrotherapy pool to compliment our therapy programmes.

• Individual treatment areas – for one-to-one sessions.

• Gym facilities – for older children and group work.

 Equipment and Specialist Input

Our therapists are able to carry out complex posture and seating assessments. We also provide children with complex seating needs with the right seating (including wheelchairs) to provide for their needs during their admission.

Our therapists are also skilled in hydrotherapy, splinting and the use of functional electrical stimulation.

For further information or enquiries please call the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit on 020 7390 6553.